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R e c e n t   W o r k

Reinvention is so important in keeping spaces alive!

We help you re-look at the same space differently, based on your needs, and help create intimate moments for you.

Here's a look of some of the spaces we turned around during the lockdown!

Breakfast/Cocktail bar

Transforming this space into a cozy breakfast bar which then becomes your cocktail bar by the night. Our client wanted to go with a coastal beach vibe for the house, and this palette worked perfectly!

Breakfast/Cocktail Bar

Before finalising on a coastal vibe, we tried a warm but chic palette, with a bold marble island and beautiful wood panelling on the bar.

Terrace lounge

We created and defined different spaces on the terrace, by changing the textures on the floor, which then added a different dimension to the space.

A memory wall

For the love of design, we designed and curated the frames above this sideboard to add character and depth to this panelled wall.

Bold and beautiful

When your entry corridor doubles up as your runway! This bold and beautiful walkway is just one of the details from this home we designed for a fashion influencer recently.

Stripe on stripe

Who doesn't love dining on their rooftop? We created this chic al fresco dining for a client in Singapore.

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